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Our Curriculum

Our Integrated curriculum is broad and balanced. We blend to give our pupils a rich learning experience with our Early Years Foundation Stage guided by the Montessori principles and a thematic approach that progressively incorporates the key skills set out in the British National Curriculum for Primary level (Key stages 1 & 2).

Both the Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary Years have a very rich experience of Nigerian values and morals as we apply the principles to the Nigerian context.

Year 6

Our Learning Style

Our learning style is activity-based and enriched with field trips, science experiments and lots of co-curricular activities.
We give a lot of emphasis on reading and creative writing skills while knowledge in mathematics are taught daily.

The main aims of our curriculum are to

  • Build children’s confidence and motivation to learn.
  • Embed key skills to prepare our children for life and everyday experiences outside the school.
  • Provide opportunities to apply knowledge and learning in a variety of ways
  • Stimulate children’s natural curiosity.
  • Foster a sense of worth, purpose and personal identity, make informed choices, have inquiring minds and communicate well and effectively.
  • Allow and encourage children to take risks with their learning, solve problems, make mistakes and learn from them to develop resilience.
  • Teach skills through our children’s interest, what is relevant and necessary.
  • Appreciate, value and enjoy learning.